WhiplashIf you’ve suffered a recent car accident / auto injury, there are a couple of critical aspects of this condition we want you to think about.  In our combined 45+ years treating whiplash, we find two perceptions people tend to have regarding the incident.

First, many tend to downplay the significance of an injury. Some people are told either by their insurance company, a friend / family member or through their own perception that because there is little or no obvious damage to the vehicle, there is no real injury.We ask that you stop and review how you were feeling prior to the crash versus after the crash.  Many times the symptoms will show up days to weeks after the accident. If you experience a noticeable difference how your body feels, it is likely due to the crash and really should be documented.   We find a second component to the whiplash or motor vehicle crash injury is some perceived hassle of making a claim. We hear all sorts of comments like “My rates will go up”, “I don’t have time for this” or “It will just go away.”


Our recommendation:  Regardless if there is an injury perceived by you or not, the best thing to do is to be evaluated because documentation is critical. Documentation stating in fact there was an injury or that there was not an injury will protect you.  There are two reasons for this.  If there is an injury you certainly want to know and you want to get it resolved. The longer it goes without intervention, the greater risk of developing a chronic situation.  If there is not an injury you want to make sure that you have that documented such that if anything is to happen in the future, you have documentation that says in fact nothing occurred as a result of this particular crash and you are released from care with a clean bill of health. It works both ways.  That is why we think it is imperative that after any type of motor vehicle crash you take the time to get evaluated for your physical capacity and overall health.  It’s that important.