Dr. Donald FoxDonald D. Fox, D.C. is Oregon raised and educated; he came from a strong family background in physical education and competitive sports participation.  His mother was a professor at Portland State University in health and P.E. and was the gymnastic coach for many years.  His father was a high school teacher, coach and eventually finished his career as the manager of the Multnomah Athletic Club.

Dr. Fox went to Portland State University studying biology and speech communication and finished his post graduate studies in chiropractic at University of Western States in 1987.  He started his private practice soon after graduation and has been in private practice since.  Throughout the years Dr. Fox participated in many state trade associations and member of the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners Rules Advisory Committee.  He helped teach chiropractic techniques in his early years as a practicing chiropractor in the Portland Metropolitan area.  Dr. Fox has sat on the Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee, was a member of the Tigard area Toastmasters.

Dr. Fox is an avid skier, mountain biker and has begun to hone his skills in the participation of CrossFit.  He has completed his level one and level two CrossFit coaching certification and is beginning to rack up hours in coaching individuals and group classes at CrossFit Lake Oswego.

My CrossFit Story

About two and half years ago a patient came into the office that I had not seen in years and he looked great, felt great and appeared to have changed his entire physical appearance.  He was trim, full of energy, strong and had a relaxed sense about him.  I said Jim what have you been up to you look awesome.  He said he started working out at CrossFit Lake Oswego.  We did our chiropractic thing, but I could not let go of this CrossFit thing, so I went to meet the people over at CrossFit Lake Oswego and decided to jump in and see what happened.  Well Tommy and Lauren the owners and coaches at the box (gym) were fantastic.  The more I understood and participated the more sense it made.  Once I understood the philosophy of CrossFit the more it complimented what I was attempting to do in my office.  Within 60 days I knew I wanted to be part of this concept, this philosophy and this energy.  I would recommend this type of fitness concept to anyone who would truly wish to impact their health, thus their life.

If you are interested in learning more about CrossFit, see CrossFit Lake Oswego

My Chiropractic Story

Well how did all this chiropractic stuff begin anyway?  Back in 1981 as I was sitting in an anatomy class at Portland State University in one of those classes that have 500 students in them.  I was two thirds up the auditorium in a group of students that always seem to find the exact seats we had the last time we were in this room, one of the guys behind me was reading a brochure.  Given the nature of these types of classes and the demeanor of the professor giving the lecture aloud, my curiosity drifted to the content of this brochure.  I said Danny what the heck are you reading?  He said I’m thinking about chiropractic school when I leave PSU.  At this point my knowledge of chiropractic was zero, so for the remaining hour of class I proceeded to devour the information in this brochure.  It was talking about how the body regulated by the nervous system and the spine plays a major role in how the body heals.  There was mention of body mechanics, adaptations, compensation to stress and that chiropractic can help with keeping the body as a whole in the best possible state for optimal response to the outside world.  I was fascinated, which in turn began my investigation into the world of chiropractic.  By the time I had finished my in-depth assessment I came to the conclusion that this “Chiropractic” thing was for me, it just fit.  It was not main stream, it was alternative, you had to be a bit thick skinned but it made sense to me.  I started at the University of Western States in fall of 1983 and finished in the summer of 1987.  I am so blessed to have found my life’s work, has it been challenging, yes but I would not trade this work for anything.  My hope is that I will always be able to come to my office to work on spines, help people and to truly live the dream.  I will never retire.